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When married with the warmth and intrinsic luxury of carved wood, a simple functional item like a tray can be elevated to an alluring must-have. This is the Stacking Tray, which makes for a durable, tactile and versatile addition to any interior environment.

Exuding contemporary chic as well as the essence of the hand-finished, the tray is carved from solid wood, with gently curved edges for a warm, personal touch. Individually, it functions as an impressive serving or display piece. When displayed in multiples, the trays may be stacked together to form graceful side tables of any height, or combined with the Museum Bench to create a long coffee table. A singular item of immense variety.


CB-12 Stacking Tray
W 22” D 16 1/2” H 2 1/2
W 56cm D 42cm H 6.5cm

Available in solid Walnut, Raw Oak and Ebonized Ash.

Stacking Tray

PriceFrom $520.00
  • Bassam Fellows

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