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The 1818 Collective is for designers and the design curious.

The 1818 Collective is a partnership between Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten, two design industry veterans with decades of experience between them. The 1818 Collective is a resource, a starting point and a home where those who love design can commune. It is a place for designers, artisans, clients and anyone interested in the world of interiors to find endless inspiration—and to inspire each other in turn.The 1818 Collective, named for its founders’ alignment with the symbolism of the number 18, resides in a circa 1800 Greek Revival house. It is located in the heart of the Hamptons in the historic town of Sag Harbor, which is and always has been a vibrant artists’ and writers’ community. The 1818 Collective will offer an exclusive mix of hard-to-find vintage and contemporary furnishings, art, accessories and textiles. Set in a dynamic environment that encourages playfulness and discovery, the experience will be constantly evolving in keeping with Analisse and Kristin’s voracious curiosity. The house will host special gatherings, artisan workshops and meet-the-maker events to foster connectivity among members of the local and global design community. The 1818 Collective is what happens when individual design forces align, enhancing each other in unexpected harmony.


The  Founders


analisse copy.jpg

The founder of ALT for Living, Analisse Taft-Gersten collaborates hands on with designers and artisans to create elevated environments for members of the design community. After more than two decades spent traveling and working in various facets of the design world, Analisse, a respected industry tastemaker, made New York her home base. Therein the heart of SOHO, she opened her first to the trade ALT for Living showroom, devoted to textiles, rugs and handmade furnishings. Representing the top artisans in the industry, ALT for Living offers on-trend textiles with an emphasis on luxurious craft and historical techniques. The brand has planted firm roots on both coasts, with an ALT for Living location in Los Angeles and a New York showroom in the historic Flatiron District. Analisse recently pioneered ALT Home, an elegant house rental in Sag Harbor open to members of the design community. Additionally, she has curated an exclusive Hamptons ALT for Living studio, which lives in the garden behind The 1818 Collective in Sag Harbor.



As an interior designer, Kristin Fine employs an intuitive approach layering light, patina and texture to create spaces filled with comfort, beauty and joyful living. Growing up on the east coast, magical Sag Harbor summers started inspiration early. She honed her innate sense of style through global travel, hours in museums and art creation of all kinds. She has quietly refined her eye over decades through varied creative work including fashion design, styling, founding the children’s lifestyle store Love and writing while raising four children. Since 2010, Kristin has focused on her interior design company Fine Concepts, designing ground up new builds and full-scale renovations for private clients’ homes across the country. A proponent of creating beautiful spaces that are captivating and authentic reflections of the people living in them, Kristin is expanding her design practice under The 1818 Collective, while working on the brand’s multi-faceted design concept. 

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