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Inspired by the aesthetic of French modernist design, the Wave fire screen is a sculptural statement in timeless design.


The black light weight metal frame is handmade in small numbers by our artisan welders.


As each piece is hand made, variations in the metal work are to be expected and add to the beauty and individuality of your piece. 

This fire screen requires some assembly (feet attached by a screw) and the mesh may require tightening based on your preferences.


Disclaimer: This product is for decorative purposes only. It is not designed to prevent damage to property or protect persons and animals from open fire, flames, heat, embers or sparks. The 1818 Collective is not responsible for any injury, harm, loss or damage caused by inappropriate use of this product.


Very limited numbers available.

Height: 26.7"
Width: 33.8"
Depth: (feet) 7"


These pieces are not original but are limited number replications of Royère-esque and mid century French design.

Wave Fire Screen

  • Rachel Donath

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