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Drawing inspiration from minimalist artist Donald Judd, who repeatedly explored the geometry of multiplying boxes in his work, the design of the Wall Drawer attempts to transform a simple wooden box into something sublime. Like the artist’s work, each wall drawer emanates a rigorous, sculptural power. 

Each box is constructed entirely of solid wood planks, fully finished on all sides, lending a sense of pure symmetry. Minimal details such as a carved, integral drawer pull and Austrian interior hardware add luxury while maximizing functionality. 

The Wall Drawer series is incredibly flexible. They can be added to a bedroom or living room to deconstruct the traditional bureau, and drawers can be hung vertically and spaced apart – providing ample storage without massive bulk. They also double as lightweight floating bedside tables. In the dining room, media room, or conference room, the drawers can be hung horizontally to create long lengths of storage – a lighter alternative to a traditional credenza.



22" W x 19" D x 8 ¼" H (single standard) 


22" W x 19" D x 4 ½ " H (single slim) 


44 ⅛" W x 19" D x 8 ¼" H (double standard)


44 ⅛" W x 19" D x 4 ½" H (double slim) 

Wall Drawers

PriceFrom $2,930.00
  • Bassam Fellows

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