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20D x 17H



The Bassam Fellows Spoke Table is one of the newest items in the collection. The striking piece was originally commissioned for an Australian design company who were looking for the perfect wooden table that would complement other pieces from the Bassam Fellows collection.

Evocative of simple geometric line drawings, the table features a large wooden ring supported by three spokes, which connect seamlessly to the outer edges. The perfect timber circle - the work of the company’s master craftsmen - emphasizes the wood’s grain, producing a compelling concentric effect best admired through a glass top.

The table’s elliptical legs achieve a slim, tapered silhouette which balances the top’s sense of bold geometry. With no hard edges, the legs can appear wide or thin, depending on the angle in which you consider them. The result is a piece that balances heft and levity, an elegant and versatile table that marries architectural precision with timeless craftsmanship.


Shown in Walnut

Spoke Side Table

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