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12"D x 20"H



12" D x 27.5"H



16.5"D x 34"H



MATERIALS: All planters are made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement. Our planters are good for indoor and outdoor purposes. Planters should not be allowed to sit in frozen water nor are meant to hold/contain water.


HANDMADE: Our planters are each unique.The process creates one-of-a-kind pieces and variations throughout the product.


DRAINAGE HOLES: All planters are built with a single drainage hole in the center. SEALER: Each planter has an acrylic sealer hand applied to the outside of the planter.


The interior has an additional resin coating to help in waterproofing.


WATERPROOFING: Due to the nature of cement, over time all planters will experience water absorbtion. For additional protection, plastic interior liners can help limit the exposure to water and corrosive elements.


PLACEMENT: Planters placed outdoors should always be slightly raised from the earth to prevent ground cracks in below freezing temperatures.

Gray Gardens Stem Planter

PriceFrom $490.00
  • Gray Gardens

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