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Since debuting at the Milan furniture fair in 2003, the Tractor Stool has become a bona fide modern icon. From the outset, it has proven to be a piece of infinite variety and its versatility is evident in the sheer number of spaces in which it appears, from plush 5-star hotels in Paris to industrial Brooklyn loft apartments. It’s the rare piece of contemporary furniture – equal parts purpose and presentation - that exudes timelessness and ineffable contemporary cool.

Combining architectural precision with the honest, humanistic character of the handmade, the Tractor Stool embodies the ‘Craftsman Modern’ lifestyle vision. Central to this philosophy is the relationships the company has developed with some of the country’s leading artisans and craftspeople, including the gifted cabinetmakers and upholsterers in bucolic Eastern Pennsylvania, an area famously associated with several icons of 20th century American design, including architect Louis Kahn and sculptor Wharton Esherick.

The dynamic form of the object – a kind of luxurious reimagining of the prosaic workman’s footstool - evokes a warm, organic feel that symbolizes nature and invites interaction. The stool’s shape is directly influenced by the precise ergonomics of a Swiss tractor seat. Carved from a piece of sustainably and locally harvested solid wood using techniques applied to the making of shoe lasts, it is then hand-finished by expert cabinetmakers. The stool is elegant yet informal, and supremely comfortable. It is suitable for both residential or contract use and is available in teak for outdoor settings. 

The Tractor Stool wasn’t designed with homogeneity in mind; it doesn’t come from a production line and, as such, the grain of each piece is totally unique. Over time the stool’s solid wood form acquires a finish that enhances, rather than masks, its natural state. 

Tractor Counter Stool

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