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Craig Bassam designed the Circular Stool to be a “quiet,” functional object that could be used in many different interior environments without competing for attention. The elemental simplicity marries pure geometry with high craft. A sturdy but agile floating presence is created by the stool’s base, made from circular sections of nanoceramic coated steel tubing. The legs are bent to the tightest possible radius for elegance and sophistication. Circular stanchions elevate the upholstered seat from the base creating the appearance of exceptional lightness.


Width 15 3/4" 

Depth 15 3/4" 

Height 25 3/4"

Weight 16.7 lbs


Coach and elegant leather selection included in price.

Circular Counter Stool

PriceFrom $1,560.00
Out of Stock
  • Bassam Fellows

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