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11" W x 3" D x 2.8" H


Resting upon a recessed carved base a shallow pocket is topped with an oversized lid asserting protection. Originating from a block of stone, halves are separated and detailed to fit within one another. Finally, an interior cavity is carved from the two halves to conceal a void. The result is a functional art object whose form and material invite intrigue and contemplation.


Each piece is unique, color and veining of natural material may vary from the image shown.


Known for his otherworldly stone vessels, Matthew Fisher’s practice ranges from unique art objects to editioned productions and celebrates the union between heritage, natural materials and refined craftsmanship. “I like to believe that the historical research into both material and form that is at the foundation of my practice creates the nostalgia people find in my work. My hope is that this connects them to something forgotten, slows the pace of their life, and gives them a chance to reflect on memories of another time. Whenever someone tells me that the objects I produce allow them to access a lost thought or emotion, I feel I’ve done something right.”

Beginning his process of design through the study of ancient cultures, Fisher is able to distill modern designs that convey an ambiguity of time and place. This approach has become a central theme in Fisher’s repertoire of work and the purposeful medium of metamorphic stone he chooses to craft with. As the son of a paleontologist, “I was able to imagine from a young age a non-human perception of time, I understood raw material not as static, but ever-changing, with no point of origin or finality.” This perception of time reconciled with Fisher’s formal arts training has yielded a truly signature style to his expanding catalog.


Marsh Green Box Square II

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