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The BassamFellows Bowl Stools get their visual substance and design purity from the shape of a bowl. Bowls are objects to hold in your hands, to caress, and the Bowl Stools, carved out of solid blocks of wood, similarly invite touch. The stools’ legs are pure ovals, an elegant visual contrast to the chunkiness of the seat without distracting from the quiet simplicity of the overall form. While the counter and bar versions of the stool are slightly dished for comfort, the dining height version of the stool is flat, allowing the stool to double as a side table.


Width 18 1/4"

Depth 18 1/4"

Height 29 3/4"

Weight 22 lbs

Bowl Bar Stool

PriceFrom $1,110.00
Out of Stock
  • Bassam Fellows

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